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Session 11c : Education & The Future of Organisations & Work

  • Adelaide Convention Centre North Terrace Adelaide, SA, 5000 Australia (map)

Education & The Future of Organisations & Work

With the opportunity for efficiency and certainty in various decentralisation processes underway enabled by technology such as AI and blockchain protocols that can change the way we live and work, what will this new way we work and organise look like? What impact will it have on our lives? Will companies and organisations have less dedicated workforces and people pick and choose where they apply their skills and time in a more relevant way to purpose? Will the jobs created by these new industries replace those that it disrupts and makes redundant? What has the spirit and collaborative approach of developers and entrepreneurs who have delivered systems across countries and sectors now used by millions of people taught us; or those communities who have introduced digital assets and payment rewards meant to how we are incentivised to apply our time and to whom? Will there be enough work and how therefore will governments and societies accommodate those who aren’t employed or aren’t skilled? This session looks at the increasing digitisation and decentralisation of systems across our working lives, and the impact on how we will work, what education we will need and how we will collaborate in the future.

Lead Participants

Patrick Byrne, CEO
Heather Delfs, Kingsland University
Sophie Gilder, Head of Experimentation - Blockchain Embodied AI & Emerging Tech, Innovation Labs, CBA
Nimo Naamani, Horizon State
Ashok Mysore, Vice President, Regional Head Delivery and Operations, Infosys

Moderated by

Dr Jane Thomason, Blockchain Quantum Impact