What the experts are saying?

Premier Steven Marshall.jpg

Premier Steven Marshall - south australian government

“I am proud that South Australia has been able to attract this calibre of global leaders from the new economy.

It will complement other government initiatives such as Lot Fourteen; the redevelopment of the Royal Adelaide Hospital site into a hub for future industries and entrepreneurship, creating a lasting legacy for South Australia.”

Simon Longstaff The Ethics Centre.jpg

Dr Simon Longstaff AO - Executive director, the ethics centre

Technical mastery without ethical restraint is at the root of all tyranny. Blockchain is both an enabler of ethics and a field in which ethical discernment is critical. Such discernment will be essential to good leadership - a capacity that must be actively developed and not assumed.

Greg Medcraft OECD.jpg

Greg Medcraft - Director of the OECD - Directorate for Financial and Enterprise Affairs

Blockchain is already transforming industries and our economies, but fully realising its potential will depend on getting domestic and international policy environments right. Regulators, policymakers, international standards setters and business need opportunities to engage and collaborate – I commend the ADC Global Blockchain Summit for bringing the key players together to do exactly that.

Adrian Turner Data61.jpg

Adrian turner - CEO, data61

Last year, Data61 delivered two reports that identified a significant opportunity for Australia to use blockchain across industries including government services, finance and supply chain management. 

Blockchain has the potential to transform industries by removing unnecessary middlemen, improving business processes, service delivery and creating entirely new value through applications like smart contracts. The Summit will bring together government, industry and blockchain experts to help realise these opportunities in South Australia and nationally.

Anton Roux ADC Forum.jpg

Anton roux - ceo, ADC Forum

As blockchain is rapidly moving into the mainstream of business and government, we need a better understanding of the opportunities as well as the pitfalls. Governments and international standard setters will also need to shape the policy and regulatory frameworks to ensure integrity of processes, while letting innovation thrive.