Blockchain Innovation Challenge

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Blockchain is an exciting technology that has an unparalleled potential to influence every industry. The South Australian Government recognises this potential and is working to create the right environment for blockchain enterprises to thrive.

South Australian entrepreneurs are invited to develop well-thought-out projects that use blockchain to improve operational efficiency, enable business model innovation, or influence how businesses, government and society interact.

Finalists will be invited to participate in an incubation program to refine their idea before pitching it at the ADC Global Blockchain Summit 18-20 March 2019. A prize pool of $100,000 will be awarded to winners to further develop their blockchain concepts.

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A prize pool of $100,000 is available and will be awarded to the prize winners whose ideas best meet the eligibility criteria and terms and conditions. The judges will determine how many projects will be funded. It is likely three prizes will be awarded, however depending on the projects submitted there may be to up to five winners. This means prize winners will walk away with at least a minimum of $20,000 to put towards developing their blockchain idea further.

Blockchain Innovation Challenge Finalists

The Blockchain Innovation Challenge finalists have been announced! Learn more about the finalists below.

Protect Provenance SA Museum by SA Museum and Civic Ledger

This idea aims to use blockchain to preserve cultural artefacts that are currently held by the South Australian Museum.

Wisecar by Carnegie Mellon University

A platform which aims to record service and maintenance history of vehicles using blockchain.

Platfarm by Platfarm

A tool designed to enable farmers to determine the carbon content of their soil for environmental purposes.

REC Blockchain by REC Blockchain

Uses blockchain and smart contract technology to trade renewable energy.

ValAi by ValAi

Aims to improve the accessibility and accuracy of property valuations.

Wine security by Clare Valley Wine and Grape Association

A blockchain solution which aims to ensure the provenance of wine.

Twohands by NextFaze

Uses smart tags to authenticate food provenance exports.

Building Passport by Yup Yup Labs

A central repository of all information relating to buildings and land.

Seraph by Wright Technologies

Aims to improve accuracy and reliability of location data.

Flying Fox by CryptoCate

A platform for educating South Australian students on blockchain technology. 

Finalists are taking part in an incubation program in March 2019, which is being run by local start-up, LeapSheep(Opens in a new window) and supported by UniSA’s Innovation Collaboration Centre.

Finalists will then pitch their ideas on stage in front of a panel of international judges at the ADC Global Blockchain Summit on Monday 18 March.

Winners of the Challenge will be announced the evening of 18 Monday 2019 at the Gala Dinner and will share in a $100,000 prize pool to go towards further developing their blockchain ideas.