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Session 10c : Distributing social impact through disintermediation (NDIS, WHO, etc)

  • Adelaide Convention Centre North Terrace Adelaide, SA, 5000 Australia (map)

Distributing Impact Through Disintermediation & Other Transformative Enabling Social Impact Consequences (NDIS, WHO, etc)

Blockchain has significant application in reducing payments and remittance costs across borders as well as enhancing certainty of distributing value to those who need it most. Furthermore the risks of corruption or unintended losses maybe reduced through a DLT solution without potentially as big an administrative and cost burden of facilitating aid as the traditional centralisation of financing and distribution through intermediaries. A solution utilising mobile devices for ease of localisation, biometrics for identity and blockchain based protocols for delivery when combined under smart contracts were shown recently to allow direct distribution of aid funding post disaster relief reducing the risk of people taking more than their intended share of the food or aid and intermediaries not holding up or reducing what ends up with the intended beneficiaries. This is just one example. What other opportunities are there where blockchain based solutions can change the way we enable communities that need it most?

Lead Participants

Sophie Gilder, Head of Experimentation - Blockchain Embodied AI & Emerging Tech, Innovation Labs, CBA
Robert Laidlaw, Secure Health Chain
Lina Lim, Tempus Adventus
Margaret Towle, Yakima River Partners

Moderated by

Heather Delfs, Kingsland University