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Session 11b : Crypto-currencies, Digital Assets and Financial Markets

  • Adelaide Convention Centre North Terrace Adelaide, SA, 5000 Australia (map)

Crypto-currencies, Digital Assets and Financial Markets

This session approaches the broad topics of crypto-currencies, digital assets and the relationship to financial markets. What makes a robust crypto-currency (if a real currency at all) and what are the ways digital assets can impact and interact with financial markets. How is the potential confusion between unregulated and regulated, favourable vs unfavourable jurisdictions, good practises vs bad practises play out? How do we tackle the confusion and asymmetrical knowledge gap through this period of transition toward institutional adoption and investment digital assets. What role do stable coins and exchanges play or custodian services play in this transition? It also looks at some of the factors challenging the markets given the pace of adoption. Where does one draw the line between payment systems, infrastructure, forms of payments and digital assets themselves. The revolution of change in the speed of adoption (responsibly or not) is creating brands and brand confusion but is this the new types of companies that we will see enabled through digital assets, or noise in a process of transition to a more stable and environment of clarity.

Lead Participants

Henrik Andersson, Apollo Capital
Simon Chantry, CBDO Bitt
Ganhuyag Hutagt, CEO Ard Holdings
Sam Lee, CEO Blockchain Global
Matt Loughran
, Founder Uulalaa

Moderated by

Ben Yablon, Chairman SALT Lending