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Session 11a : Traceability, Provenance, Cultural Heritage and Increasing Consumer Demands

  • Adelaide Convention Centre North Terrace Adelaide, SA, 5000 Australia (map)

Traceability, Provenance, Cultural Heritage and Increasing Consumer Demands

DLTs and blockchain present perhaps the biggest opportunity for the digitisation and preservation of artefacts the world has scene at a global scale. The protocols, platforms and applications themselves may not yet be written or in their infancy of adoption at a broader sense, but some countries are more advanced than others. This could be authenticity of art provenance, wine vineyard or other brand validation, or something more structural like land title protection. Challenges arise with this too. Should for example, native title and cultural heritage, not just an Australian phenomena, be immutably preserved in an applicable DLT and protected and rewarded this way where there is conjecture or sensitivities to the form of ‘record keeping’ for certain cultures involved? What risks are there for getting on-ramping and off-ramping right or wrong? This session will draw on our lead panellists experiences in rolling out or researching such solutions.

Lead Participants

Ali El Husseini, Medici Land Governance
Katrina Donaghy, Co-founder Civic Ledger
Dermot O’Gorman, CEO WWF
Jason Potts, RMIT Blockchain Research Centre
Paul Pounendis, President Adelaide Blockchain

Moderated by

Rowen Fenn,