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Session 7b : Capacity Building - Serving the Blockchain Industry

  • Adelaide Convention Centre North Terrace Adelaide, SA, 5000 Australia (map)

Capacity Building - Serving the Blockchain Industry

As awareness grows of the potential applications, beneficial use cases and impact distributed ledger technologies can have across businesses, on governments and on the broader community, decision makers and entrepreneurs across the board are in various stages of initiating strategic reviews or new projects. Increasingly, there is demand on various stakeholders to assess the risks and opportunities of the applicability of DLTs to their businesses and sectors. Demands are accelerating for securing experienced developers, technologists, knowledgable practitioners and services providers who can actually undertake this work; but where will these people come from? What skills do they need? How does Australia train its talent, attract new talent and harness the opportunity to serve this new blockchain industry? What needs to be done not just in Australia but globally to build the deep science skills and workforce capacity that is going to be required to realise any such vision? What models exists to facilitate the current needs?

Lead Participants

Jason Potts, RMIT Blockchain Centre
Ed Husic MP, Shadow Minister for the Digital Economy
Robert Kim, Kingsland University
Nick Giurietto, CEO ADCA
Manjunatha Gurulingaiah Kukkuru, Associate Vice President and Principal Research Analyst of the Infosys Center for Emerging Technology Solutions
Ron van der Meyden, University of New South Wales

Moderated by

Angela Di Fabio, New Ventures Flinders University