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Session 2 : Trust, Ethics & Digital Assets

  • Adelaide Convention Centre North Terrace Adelaide, SA, 5000 Australia (map)

Trust and the Preservation of Ethics & Morality in the transition to a world of Digital Assets

In the advent of adoption of any new wave of technology (regardless of whether that technology itself is new or not) and the early years of its impact, innovation and euphoria can enter an escape velocity that overshadows rationality and fact. Education becomes critical in the aftermath and when the dust settles, only one common essence remains. Humanity. At the heart of the rise of distributed ledger technologies is the reaffirmation of trust and the hope and belief that maybe it can be embedded in the underlying protocols themselves of distributed authority. But is this right? Should we ever allow ourselves to rest and handover the essence of what is human to an unsupervised system, algorithm or protocol? Perhaps not? This session seeks to remind us to be mindful of our humanity and retain our ever present but sometimes overshadowed responsibility in any system or new science or wave of technology. The adoption of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies or the like is no different.

Address by:

Simon Longstaff, Ethics Centre

Comments by:

Joseph Weinberg, Chairman Shyft Network
Anton Roux, CEO, ADC Forum

Moderated by:

Nik Gowing, Thinking the Unthinkable