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Nick Giurietto

CEO & Managing director, ADCA

Nick Giurietto is the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director at the Australian Digital Commerce Association (ADCA). Nick is a B2B marketing and product professional and prior to joining ADCA in 2016, he held senior management roles with CEB, Experian Australia, the federal government’s export credit agency Export Finance and Insurance Corporation, and AAPT.

Nick is enthused by the potential for Blockchain technology to transform business models in every industry sector – and in government service delivery. He has become a champion for the Blockchain industry and leads the efforts of ADCA to accelerate adoption of Blockchain technologies in Australia. He is proud to have been a founding member of the Global Blockchain Forum which is striving for global regulatory alignment to support a global transformation. Nick is also a member of Standards Australia’s Technical Working Committee on Blockchain and Distributed Ledgers.