Lyndon Gasking

Executive, Founder, Advisor & Investor,,,,

Lyndon’s career is based on the commercialisation of new technologies, around the globe, with some great success stories to date.

There have been 3 successful start-up exits totalling $500M from Australia, Denmark & the US . He founded a location based social network in London. In London for 9 years he headed up Asia & the Middle East for AOL Platforms, now a division of the Fortune 500, Verizon. Since returning to Australia, he founded Zoetic.Ai which built, and trialled a private social network for aged care, this has now moved into blockchain consultancy.

Lyndon having been involved in a broad range of technology companies was attracted to the Blockchain sector in 2016, as a real driver of social change. Lyndon is both an advocate, and skeptic at the same time, he has been developing BlockRank as a tool to rank blockchain projects, as an entry point to The Blockchain agency, which supports blockchain projects marketing needs.

He is the Co-Founder of, a decentralised social network powered by a graphene blockchain, where We own our own data, amongst many improvements. is live now in alpha and will be launched later in 2019.