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Liraz Siri

CEO, Tabookey

Interested in the intersection of cyber security and blockchain. Early Bitcoin supporter. Ran from 2014 to 2017. Open source evangelist. Co-founded TurnKey Linux.

Cryptocurrency interests: less speculation and more real utility driving mass adoption, saving the planet by fixing green energy incentive structures, creating a scalable Internet of money, minimizing friction with global fiat, pulling 2 billion unbanked people in despotic kleptocracies into the online economy and out of poverty.

Blockchain related interests: my main focus is leveraging blockchain to create new building blocks that could secure critical infrastructures (not just finance) and even help prevent your self-driving car from getting hacked and killing you one day. Blockchain apps are only interesting to the degree that they minimize the need to trust. Because "trusted third parties are a security hole". 

Passionate about: fighting for our online liberties with a focus on privacy & security. Helping to launch & grow new ventures, recruiting the absolute best people, building consensus around revolutionary ideas, leveling the playing field, making hard things easy, cryptography, defense in depth, creating security systems you don't have to trust, rapid software prototyping, software that is beautiful on the inside and out.