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ADC Global Blockchain Summit

John Souza

Founder, Kingsland University (Blockchain Academy)

John Souza is the founder of Kingsland University (formerly SMMU), an investor in high-tech startups, and seasoned advisor to entrepreneurs. 

Over the course of nearly a decade, Souza has set the world-standard in emerging and disruptive technologies education space successfully delivering global award-winning education programs to some of the world’s most respected companies, universities, government agencies, and not-for-profits, amassing over 175,000 students worldwide. 

Under his leadership, Kingsland has been voted Best Training Site (2012) at the Stevies International Awards, Best Online Education Website (2013) by in their Reader’s Choice Awards, one of the five Best Services for Small Business by Mashable, America’s Most Promising Companies by Forbes (2012), Forbes Best Startup (2014) and awarded the Forbes Community Service Award (2015), BAIT Education Award (2014 and 2016), Innovative Enterprise Award (2016) and Forbes Business Development Award ( Dec 2017). 

His most recent endeavor, Kingsland University - School of Blockchain, is the world’s first university-accredited blockchain training program. Through its SACS-CASI accreditation, Kingsland is an internationally-recognized higher education institution for coding and blockchain developing, giving developers, executives, and universities tailored options for blockchain education, and connects graduates seeking careers with companies looking to hire them. Souza believes Kingsland is poised to be globally positioned as the future of blockchain education.