ADC Global Blockchain Summit

James Scott

CEO & Founder, Digichain capital

CEO and founder of Digichain Capital, a South Australian blockchain services company.
From idea inception to implementation, we assist in all aspects of the blockchain industry.

COO of Octafin Technologies, a fintech company, specialising in blockchain solutions.
Our tech is currently deployed in the Philippines under a regulated environment, creating a world's first ecosystem in conjunction with the government, banking and remittance partners. 

Active over several countries with our services and an advisor to several blockchain companies, well versed in the regulatory environment including the security token and derivative landscape.

Holding a diploma in financial services, I am a technical analysis educator and speaker. Specialising in digital markets, I assist traders transition from traditional to digital markets and advise on secondary markets, OTC trading and market making.

Award winning gemmologist and Chinese antique specialist with testing facilities. My specialities in Gemmology and blockchain were the basis for advising an exciting food security company in which Raman Spectrometry is used to determine the chemical composition of a product. Providing food security, stamping out fake food and disrupting  existing supply chain verification.

"Widely regarded as the most important technological innovation since the internet, blockchain is destined to fundamentally disrupt and disintermediate traditional economic sectors for the greater good, providing us with a once in a generation opportunity." James Scott.