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ADC Global Blockchain Summit

Heather Delfs

HEad of Global Programs, Kingsland University School of Blockchain

Heather Delfs is the Head of Global Programs at Kingsland University School of Blockchain, the world’s first US accredited program for blockchain technical training and leading Executive Education programs. She is a passionate advocate of digital literacy, ’coding as a second language’ and early learning STEM integration, and building a more equitable world through blockchain and emerging tech. A former Associate Lecturer at the University of Western Australia, she’s also interested in the evolution of human communication in digital spaces, with particular focus on trust, transparency, and decentralization. Working at the intersection of industry and academia, Heather oversees curriculum development and program execution at Kingsland. Through Kingsland, Heather works to further accessibility to disruptive tech skills education for increased social impact around the world.