Caleb Yeoh

Chief Executive Officer, Travelbybit

Caleb is building the bridge between digital currency and mainstream business starting in the travel and tourism sector. Caleb also believes digital currencies can be used to provide transparency and trust in public institutions whilst also providing privacy and freedom for individuals.

As a board member of Blockchain Australia, Caleb champions digital currency adoption through thought leadership and speaking events.

Prior to founding TravelbyBit, Caleb performed a range of corporate roles in large companies including Deloitte, Origin Energy, CS Energy, Santos, BHP Billiton, and most recently Shell Australia.

Having formerly worked in Shell's government relations and commercial teams, Caleb's current focus in TravelbyBit is managing key stakeholders in both the digital currency and traditional business space to facilitate mainstream use and acceptance of this nascent technology.

Caleb holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Sydney majoring in Commercial Law and Accounting, and a post-grad diploma in Engineering from Queensland University of Technology. He has been a qualified Certified PracticingAccountant (CPA) for over 10 years.