ADC Global Blockchain Summit

Ben Longstaff


As a senior software engineer Ben was one of three engineers at a high growth Silicon Valley start-up that scaled from 10K daily active users (DAU) to 2M DAU in 12 months. Ben was responsible for redesigning and scaling the search algorithm and rebuilt the background jobs system to allow it to scale from sending 1M daily emails to 30M daily emails.

Ben has designed and built a large range of technologies including a visual search engine to identify targets in UAV footage and a vision system for a robot to prune grape vines.

Ben worked in San Francisco as part of the API team at the Discovery Channel to build the DiscoveryGo platform and then joined Discovery Digital Networks as the Principle Technical Architect. In his role as Principle Technical Architect, he conducted several large scale platform migrations and performed the technical due diligence into the Discovery Channels $100M investment into Group Nine Media.

He has also worked as an investment analyst at the Trans Tasman Commercialization Fund conducting technical due diligence on seed and Series A investments.

Most recently, Ben has applied his business skills as a blockchain analyst at CoinRemix and a mentor at Techstars.

Ben joined Meeco in December 2017 to synthesise the prior blockchain and distributed ledger research across verified claims, governance, privacy management and smart contracts. The White Paper on Zero Knowledge Proofs for Access, Control, Delegation and Consent of Identity and Personal Data which is tied to this ground breaking work was recently published, May 2018.