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Alex Lightman

Kingsland University

Alex Lightman is a world-class technologist and innovator with over 30 years experience in advising global governments. He has worked for the US Senate, the White House (Obama Administration, Office of Science and Technology), NATO, and testified on Internet leadership before Congress’s Oversight and Government Reform Committee. He acted as an Advisor to over 40 US federal government agencies and over 40 foreign governments.

Lightman wrote the US Dept of Defense Defense Information Systems Agency IPv6 transition plan for the DoD. He wrote a national innovation plan on behalf of Institute for Defense Analyses titled “The Acceleration of American Innovation” for the White House, as well as an national innovation plan for Mexico’s National Science Foundation. Lightman’s worked as a technology policy specialist and speech writer for White House candidates and administrations since 1984.

An avid futurist, Lightman recognized the power of DLT & cryptotechnologies when they were still in their infancy, and has written over 35 blockchain/cryptotechnology articles, delivered 30+ blockchain-related keynotes in over 20 countries, written 11 technical blockchain project whitepapers, advised over 20 successful blockchain companies, and is the leading author of cryptocommodity whitepapers (cobalt, lithium, graphic, oil and gas) worldwide.

As an educator, Lightman has delivered workshops and training programs to governments, organisations and individuals around the world on a range of critical technology and innovation subjects. For Kingsland University Lightman developed the Executive Education Fast-track program, which to date has received 100% 5 star student satisfaction ratings.

Lightman holds a BS in Civil and Environmental Engineering from MIT, focusing on government related infrastructure and attended Harvard’s Kennedy’s School of Government with graduate work focused on international negotiations and comparative analysis of public policy in developing countries.