ADC Global Blockchain Summit


To launch the ADC Global Blockchain Summit in Adelaide, we invite you to join us for a Hackathon to be held at Lot Fourteen. Groups at this event will explore how Blockchain can be used to provide solutions for a challenge supplied in conjunction with the South Australian Government.

The hackathon is being run in conjunction with Data61 and IBM.


Hackathon participants will work in groups on one of three challenges on the day, outlined below –

  1. Circular Economy: How might Blockchain or a distributed ledger technology be used to track, measure and monitor waste into resources, in to new materials which would be a verifiable and transparent evidence of the circularity of our economy?”  

  2. Learner Drivers: more information on this challenge will be updated as it comes to hand.

  3. Mobility as a Service: more information on this challenge will be updated at is comes to hand.

Participants can enter as a group, or as an individual to be assigned a working group. Each participant will also receive a code to attend the ADC Global Blockchain Summit, from the 18th to the 20th March, at a significantly discounted rate.


Event Details:

Address: Mural Room, Eleanor Harrald Building, Lot Fourteen – entry via Frome Rd.

Date: Sunday 17th March 2019

Time: 9am to 4pm

Cost to enter: Free

Prizes: Will be announced over the coming weeks.


kingsland logo.png

First Prize

Scholarship Package from Kingsland University - School of Blockchain
valued up to $6,000

Kingsland University School of Blockchain is pleased to support the winning hackathon project team with a scholarship package to attend Kingsland's upcoming technical and/or executive programs in Adelaide. The prize, valued at up to $6000, can be redeemed for either: two places on the Kingsland Executive Education Fast-track program (28th & 29th May 2019, Adelaide) or three places at the Kingsland Blockchain Essentials for Developers course (June 2019, Adelaide).

intertain.png private chef experience for 4
valued up to $1,000, an Australian shared economy venture celebrating the best private chefs allowing families and friends to break bread at home or offices. The focus is on chefs sourcing unique foraged food in cities around Australia to give diners affordable but bespoke private dining experiences. This prize is valued at $1,000

It can be redeemed in Adelaide (within 6 months) or most major cities of Australia (subject to chef availabilities).



Overledger is the world’s first blockchain operating system (OS) that not only inter-connects blockchains but also existing networks to blockchain and facilitates the creation of internet scale multi-chain applications otherwise known as mApps. Start building game changing applications with no additional infrastructure, using existing resources, and have the choice of interoperability in as little as 8 minutes.



Piper Alderman is one of Australia’s oldest law firms and the first major Australian law firm to accept payment in Bitcoin. Piper Alderman’s Blockchain team advises businesses and DLT projects with regulatory, compliance, employment dispute and contract matters.

To express your interest in being involved please register here - we will be in touch to confirm your participation.

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